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How to care for a dress with feathers.

How to care for a dress with feathers.

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Surely you have wondered before buying how the feathers of this dress are cleaned? If this is your question, follow the instructions in this article that will be very useful when it comes to caring for your clothes.

First, always read the instructions on the label, the best thing to do with some delicate garments is to wash them by hand, but in modern times where time is worth money we resort to the washing machine. So how do we wash feathers? We are going to use a short program of 15 minutes, we will only put the garment to wash, we will use the liquid soap for delicate garments, the water must be at a cold temperature and the spin low.

When you have finished, we put it on a hanger and let it dry on its own, do not use a dryer.

These are some of the indications tested by us to guide you how to care for your clothes.

Nothing is safe, always read your instructions.

See you in the next news.

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